I am a creative creature born in a town in northern Portugal, near the lines that are drawn and blurred by the sea, I continued my studies at the University of Aveiro, finishing Design career, to later practice professionally in a design studio in Barcelona , Wassabi, for 7 years in which I reached the category of senior graphic designer.

Later I became the director of the graphic design department at a corporate architecture company, GAC 3000, where I still work.

Always close to the lines of the drawing and illustrating with passion each project that I undertake, I decided to refine my skills doing the General Illustration Course at Visions School, in Barcelona.

A great curiosity to know the unique and bizarre beings that inhabit the natural world, as well as a special interest in the possibilities of scientific communication, lead me to specialize in scientific illustration (with the courses of illustraciencia among others). I take advantage of my inexhaustible patience to observe and draw every detail, using objectivity as the fundamental basis of my work.

Today I work as a freelance Designer and Illustrator, always ready to get involved in projects or commissions that put my imagination and my hand to the test.

what I do–

scientific illustration
graphic design


Highly Commended
World Illustration Awards 2019 (AOI)

The illustration “How to make a pessimist…or not.” is shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2019 of the Association of Illustrators in London (AOI), and is finally selected as “Highly Commended” as a New Talent in the research category.



If you want to talk about a project or a commission , don’t hesitate to reach me by:

tel: +34 622 746 469