How to make a pessimist

How to make a pessimist… or not.

Infographics representing a factory of pessimists, where the reader, step by step, sees illustrations of the many causes of pessimism and negativity, which at the same time teaches ways to avoid it.  © isaloureiro 2018

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Extract all hope and self-esteem

If we want to make a good pessimist we can begin by squeezing out all the self-esteem, causing the person to stop believing in their capacity to reach the objectives, giving up quickly. Believing in oneself, and hoping for good results, makes one more persistent while facing difficulties.

Remember bad past experiences

The pessimist needs high doses of resentment and a great difficulty in forgiving and forgetting bad experiences. It is an instinct of survival, which makes you feel in control and helps you avoid future unpleasant situations, at the same time that increases your prejudices and prevents you from trusting others.



See ALL the news

No news is good news.” If not having news is good news, it means that most of those that reach us, are the bad ones. Currently the mass media prefer to call our attention through scandal. Constantly feeding on bad news helps the pessimist to understand reality in this dark way.


Always expect the worst

“If something bad can happen, it will happen.”

The pessimist absolutely believes in this law. Therefore, he is always prepared for the worst, and always has a plan B.

They DO NOT take risks.



ENVY Others

Social networks are the best tool for the pessimist to compare himself with others and discover that “everyone is happier and more successful than him”. Understanding reality through the appearances and filters of social networks, makes you believe that you will not be as happy as others who achieve – apparently – success without effort or problems.


Fear to fail

In the heart of the pessimist is the instinct of self-protection. To make a quality pessimist you have to install a phobia to failure and to make mistakes. The consequence will be increased worries, anxiety and little willpower. This way, the pessimist prefers to avoid challenges even if that means losing big opportunities.




If there is something that a pessimist does not want to do is to keep trying. They demand immediate success and if they do not succeed, they give up.

Persistence, effort and success are for optimists!



You do not realize all the good things that you have, until you lose it. In addition, the pessimist develops the ability to exaggerate the most insignificant problem and remains obsessed with it.



Find flaws in everything

Criticism is fashionable, and there is nothing easier than finding flaws in everything. The pessimist is an expert party pooper and is always ready to find the imperfections of anything that comes his way.



Nature molds us to survive, not to be happy …

You have to make a small effort to be optimistic but it’s worth it! BE HAPPY ☺

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