Last Tuesday, July 17, we had the pleasure of celebrating with colleagues and friends the end of the General Illustration Course, at the VISIONS school, and inaugurate the Exhibition of the final works of the students.


After 200 hours of work in class and another 200 hours of work at home, me and my colleagues Adriana Tamargo and Mireia Córcoles have managed to fill a large part of the walls of VISIONS gallery, with originals, final works and sketches with parts of the whole process (which is the most interesting!).



For each module of the course we have had the pleasure of having the help and knowledge of great teachers and illustrators:


– Techniques of illustration: with the teacher and director of the school Araceli Costales, we have learned different techniques and media, testing where the lines and stains take us, watercolor and ink, coal and markers, light and shadow , exercises and experiments in color and black and white, from the most random to the most realistic illustrations.


– Visual gag: with the illustrator and professor Carlos Cubeiro, who taught us the tricks to apply the rhetorical figures in illustration, to communicate ideas and concepts that can later be applied to book covers, posters and press illustration. As a final project we have created the cover for the book “Twelve Pilgrim Stories”, by Gabriel García Márquez, choosing one of the stories to illustrate and layout the cover.



– Narrative, illustration of texts: with the illustrator Dani Torrent, who taught us how to plan and create an illustrated album from the idea, through the storyboard, the connotations of various types of frames and planes, the characters to the final illustrations. The result was these three beautiful stories: “Viri’s Bowl” (Isa Loureiro), “Letter of a Monster” (Adriana Tamargo) and “Gatrioska” (Mireia Córcoles).


– Scientific Illustration: with the teacher/illustrator Alex Ferreiro, who taught us to represent fauna and flora in the most realistic way possible, with attention to the composition, framing, techniques and adaptation to a press publication. For this final project I studied the dance of the spider Maratus Speciosus (I recommend watching this video).



– Graphic Illustration – Advanced vector techniques: with the illustrator/teacher Mercè Iglesias who taught us tricks and techniques of image synthesis, infographics and vector illustration, resulting in colorful infographics full of curious details.


It made me very happy to see everyone enjoy this exhibition, and I want to thank all the teachers and colleagues with whom I have learned a lot!