31 drawings in 31 days

In recent days we have been able to see drawings with #INKTOBER coming from all over the world.


Inktober is a challenge created in 2009 by the artist Jake Parker with the intention of developing our skills and good drawing habits.


Every year, during the month of October, he proposes us to make an ink drawing every day according to an official list of prompts, or simply drawing what we want. The goal is to enjoy and develop our drawing skills in our free moments. If we cant draw every day, the important thing is to try it, and do it whenever we can.


The challenge became known worldwide, and today thousands of artists or fans participate in it, who publish their drawings online with the hashtag #INKTOBER


This is the official prompt list for this year, and we can find dozens of other different lists online. In the end, it helps when we do not know where to start, the important thing is to try to draw every day 🙂


This year I decided to participate in the challenge, using the official prompt list and I also chose the theme of Mushrooms & Fungi to unify all the illustrations. (Because I like them a lot, they are fun to draw and we are in the season!)

At the beginning I thought it would be very difficult to achieve it, but I found a moment in each day to make a drawing, however simple or small it may be. And now, seeing the pile of drawings made until today, it fills me with satisfaction to see my progress and the habit that is being created.

The important thing is not to be discouraged with the many real works of art that we see published online and follow our own rhythm and our own stroke.


It was difficult to keep up, but seeing the final set of drawings, it was totally worth it.


Possibly we will not have time to draw every day, but when we try it we develop our skills a lot and we can also try different techniques. It does not have to be always with ink, of course!


When we feel like drawing, but we dont know exactly what, ART PROMPTS randomly proposes themes to draw.