Here are some photos of the day dedicated to Scientific Illustration, organized by Illustraciencia at CosmoCaixa.



With the support of  Associació Catalana de Comunicació Científica y Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales and collaboration of F E C Y T · Ciencia e Innovación · and CosmoCaixa.
We have had 170 attendees and 25 speakers who told us about their experience and knowledge.



From the history of the Scientific Illustration, the experiences of several professional illustrators, editors, researchers … and the projects developed by the students of Academia de Ilustración Científica – Illustraciencia.



I have had the pleasure of presenting with the researcher Olga Boet, the two illustrations that I have done for the article: “The role of environmental vs. Biotic filtering in the structure of European ant communities: A matter of trait type and spatial scale ”



  1. Morphological diversity of heads in European ant species
  2. Phragmosis in the arboreal ant Colobopsis truncata




I have also had the opportunity to make a small demonstration of illustration with stippling technique, and meet many talented illustrators!