Today is Saint George’s day. In a normal year, Barcelona streets would be swarming … with books, roses, musicians, story characters, publishers, writers, illustrators … Adults and children, in their role as knights or princesses, looking for their favorite book or an irresistible new edition.


This year, the streets are empty, as brave heroes battle un front other types of beasts, the microscopic ones, which cannot be seen, they are everywhere and are more threatening than any giant dragon.


We and the little ones can also fight them, we can also assist those heroes, staying in our castle and defending behind the walls our princes and princesses, storytellers and full of life experiences, protectors and caretakers who now need our help.


To all the knights, those who are inside and outside the walls, thank you for everything. A Happy Sant Jordi day!!!


It is time to re-read those books that we have and that we like so much. I recommend 3 of the many illustrated books that I have here at home.

– “Saudade – um conto para sete dias”: writer Claudio Hochman, illustrations João Vaz de Carvalho, Livros Horizonte editorial

– “La sirenita”: Hans Christian Andersen, adaptation and illustrations Dani Torrent, Cal·ligraf editorial

– “Tales of Mistery and Imaginations”: Edgar Allan Poe, Harry Clarke illustrations, Editorial Libros del Zorro Rojo