Children’s illustration is an important part of fiction, storytelling and fantasy literature, but it is also an essential resource for science communication for young audiences, so that they understand science more easily and for learning to be a real pleasure.

In the ONLINE course “Ilustra Infantil” (8-week course with final project) that I will teach at Academia Illustraciencia, I share the methodology, techniques and resources to create scientific communication pieces aimed at children and curious adults.

From narrative, character creation, synthesizing and simplifying scientific concepts, storyboarding, types of shots to reinforce messages and emotions… everything so you can create projects in both book format and content for online publications.

On May 11th we have prepared an IllustraTALK, where we present this new course that includes a very special collaboration with WAWA Conservation.

Ilustra TALK - Curso Ilustra Infantil

With the final course project, you will have the wonderful opportunity to give visibility to an endangered species.

WAWA Conservation is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to saving those weird and wonderful endangered species that have a very important role in the balance of ecosystems and unique genetic characteristics.

At WAWA they have realized that there are certain species of animals that are more likely to receive aid for protection and conservation because they are well known and charismatic, which leaves those other lesser known but equally wonderful animals with very few resources. At WAWA they are dedicated to saving these species, but they encounter a problem: there are few images of these animals and very little contents to share with the general public, to make them known…

It is here where the students of the ILUSTRA INFANTIL course will be able to lend a hand: the students’ final project will be an invaluable means of giving visibility to four species that we have selected for the first edition of the course.

  • Maleo, Macrocephalon maleo
  • Cork-bark Leaf-tail gecko, Uroplatus pietschmanni
  • Mary River Turtle, Elusor macrurus
  • Saola, Pseudoryx nghetinhensis

In collaboration with Illustraciencia, Wawa Conservation will provide us with information about the species it is trying to protect, they will accompany us throughout the course to offer feedback on the students’ projects and answer questions about the animals they are illustrating.

You will learn to communicate science using your own graphic style, at the same time that you will contribute with your project to the conservation of wildlife.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made this collaboration possible!!
We are all excited to get started!

See you on June 2nd  🙂