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It is a great pleasure to share all my tricks and techniques, and to talk about this Art that I am so passionate about, Scientific Illustration.

I like to share everything I know

Scientific Illustration

An introduction to Scientific and Natural History Illustration. What it is, what is it for, why is it still important… historical and current references. Introductory talks aimed at the general public, high school or university students (Fine Arts, Design, Biology…).

Illustration techniques

Practical introduction to scientific illustration using different techniques: naturalistic drawing in a field notebook, traditional black and white techniques (drawing with graphite, hatching and dotting with ink, scratchboard…) and introduction to digital illustration techniques.

Children Illustration III

Start date: April 3rd, 2024
100% Online
Language: spanish

An illustration course for science communication where you can learn the resources and techniques to create attractive and rigorous content aimed at families and children. For the final course project, we collaborated with Wawa Organization, dedicated to wildlife conservation.


Introduction to Natural History Illustration

Classroom workshop – Centre Cìvic Vil la Urània, Barcelona
Language: Spanish 

Illustration continues to be one of the main ways of communicating scientific knowledge and the recording of natural history. In this workshop you will practice some of the traditional techniques of scientific illustration (such as graphite, ink, scratchboard, watercolor or colored pencils…) and you will learn to draw animals and plants, from scratch and at your own pace.


– Courses, talks and workshops that I have given –


Scientific Illustration of Insects of the Amazon

Scientific illustration workshops for the general public, with the stippling technique. Organized by Illustraciencia, at the CosmoCaixa Science Museum, in Barcelona.

CADi 2022: Pluriversos

Online Workshop ``Scientific Illustration: Art and Design as vehicles of knowledge`` at the 2022 Academic Design Congress ``Pluriversos``, organized by the Faculty of Art and Design of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Laboratorio Biomimético

Workshop for introduction to Scientific Illustration and field notebook, a methodology applied to bio-inspired design.

IV Xornadas: A LUZ DA CIENCIA “Pensamento Científico y Xénero``

Talk about Scientific Illustration and its role in the efforts made towards gender equality in scientific careers. Illustration workshop with the theme ``The route of the camelias``. Organized by the Deputación da Coruña

Escola Secundária Dr. Manuel Gomes de Almeida

Talk introducing scientific illustration and the illustrator's profession, aimed at secondary school students in Science and Arts courses.

Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers

Workshop on coloring butterflies and small mammals of Catalonia, for young children.


Online Workshop on Scientific Illustration at the Student Congress of Biology at the University of Sonora, Mexico.

Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers

Entomology Illustration workshop with stippling and scratchboard technique.