Collaborative methodology —

You may wonder how is it that a person who did not have a higher education in science manages to make such rigorous and accurate illustrations?

Because you and I make a team.

Our profiles complement each other. A methodology where each one contributes with their specialized knowledge results in an effective communication project of high aesthetic value.


I dedicate professionally to creativity, illustration, graphic design and visual communication strategies.



With your scientific training and professional experience, you know the content you want to transmit, the supporting information and references.



We create rigorous content with memorable and high-impact images. An efficient scientific communication with a greater aesthetic sense.

My work process will go through these different phases, in which we will exchange doubts, proposals and information:

1. briefing

During the project briefing, we will talk about what you want to communicate, what you need to transmit and to whom, in what media or formats do you intend to publish it and what are the dates you contemplate to have the work finished. After analyzing all this information, I will be able to recommend which will be the best visual solution and we will agree on a budget.

2. research

I’ll do a research to know in depth the issues we want to communicate. But before launching myself into the ocean of information, you can guide me through the first steps by recommending a particular bibliography, links of interest, publications with useful information, reference images that you like… Here I will do my part to inform myself about the subject and I will occasionally contact you if I have an important question.

3. sketches

I prepare the first sketches and ideas taking into account the format, composition, texts, audience and communication strategy. We will comment on them and I will refine them until we reach a final line drawing. It is very important that you can review this drawing and confirm if the scientific content is correct, or if it needs corrections.

4. final illustration and design

Here I get down to work and the project comes to life. It is time to apply the color, the final graphic appearance, the layout with texts and all the details. We will be in contact if any questions arise, and so that you can review the illustration before it is finished.

5. final artwork

I’m counting on you to do a final review of the final work and make sure everything is correct. Once this is done, I prepare the Final Artwork and I will send them to you so that you can publish and use your new illustration.

Get to know the opinion of some professionals who have collaborated with me in scientific communication projects:

My experience as a client of Isa was impeccable, in addition to doing a scientific illustration, she worked with me as a workshop leader in a Biology congress that I chaired. In both situations she was always very friendly, always accessible to answer questions or unforeseen situations. Furthermore, her work and her talent are flawless; her drawing arrived in top condition and with a very unique and creative presentation. Isa is a very professional and attentive person in strengthening the client-artist bond.

Olimpia Ortega

Biology student

Working with Isa makes the difficult part easy. During the creation of the illustrated book in which we worked, she managed to transform technical concepts into scientific illustrations that maintained rigor and were visually very attractive. Also, her work is full of detail and I think the book would not have reached the level it has without an illustrator like her. That is why I hope to be able to repeat and that we continue working together for many years.

Pablo José Barrecheguren Manero PhD

PhD in Biomedicine and Science Communicator

Isa is a person with that easily captures knowledge, with the most correct attitude to carry out a project, worrying about every detail without losing sight of what she wants to achieve. To Isa, as a client, I would entrust the execution of an important project for me and as a coworker the pleasure of co-creating that project from the beginning to the end, for her involvement, discipline, good reception of feedback and willingness to give it all.

Giselle Vitali

CEO Homograma

Art and Science must go hand in hand, to transmit knowledge clearly and effectively, with an aesthetic value that increases its impact and diffusion, creating an emotional connection with the public that makes it last over time.