Creative process —

It is the process of creating a unique and personalized illustration for you, planned with a strategy adapted to your goals, so your audience falls in love with your project and make it stand out from the rest.

So when you collaborate with a specialized professional illustrator, you are not buying just a simple image …

You may have found yourself in one of these situations:

You spend hours on the internet looking for free or paid images and you just can’t find exactly what you need, they require modifications or other points of view, and you end up resigning yourself and using something that It is not quite correct.

You have an important project for the conservation of Nature, but the photographs you present in your communication actions do not quite attract the attention of the institutions or the general public.

You are a scientific communicator and you are not very skilled with design and drawing tools. Your content needs the support of very striking, clear and rigorous visuals, personalized for your channel or book.

You are writing your thesis, and at the end of so much effort and dedication, you believe that your work deserves to stand out among the others, it deserves an illustrated and personalized cover that will remain in your memory and in that of others.

You need to compare or describe an anatomical element, or the morphology of a plant or animal, and you know that with an illustration you would do it much more clearly than describing it only with text.

You need to visually communicate a large amount of data, an idea or a complex process, but you do not have the skills or tools to create infographics that are attractive and easy to interpret.

Your patients do not quite understand or memorize the diagnosis or treatments that you are proposing. They need the support of literature with empathetic images that provide clear, easy-to-understand instructions and information.

Whether due to lack of skill, tools or time … I can help you create the graphics and illustrations you need for your project.

Not just drawing. The creative process of a scientific illustration requires more skills

Coleoptera_Leptinotarsa decemlineata

experience —

I will have with me a baggage of more than 11 years of work experience in graphic design and communication, creative direction and specialized training in scientific illustration. A specialized know-how and at the same time backed by knowledge that helps me face all phases of the project.

Coleoptera_Calchaenesthes sexmaculata

graphic styles —

Your communication goals must come first. I can adapt the graphic style of the project to respond correctly to your needs, be it a retro / vintage, modern, vector or traditional style … and according to the target audience: family, children, adult, patient, specialized, institutional …


adaptability —

You are very clear about what you want to communicate, but not how to do it. Depending on your objectives and budget, I will be able to advise and recommend you if what is best suited is an illustration, an infographic, a simple graphic design, a photograph …

Coleoptera_Alphasida argenteolimbata

design —

More than the illustration alone, I make a comprehensive approach. I have knowledge of graphic design, vector illustration, composition, layout, fonts, color … I also have experience in logo design and brand identity application.

Coleoptera_Harmonia axyridis

final artwork —

It is important to know how to prepare the Final Artwork in the appropriate formats for the sizes and media where they will be reproduced, whether on screen or in print. Have knowledge of color modes, resolution, special inks, bleeds or cut marks …

Coleoptera_Eupholus schoenherrii

empathy —

I have a good relationship with the people with whom I work, which sometimes becomes a great friendship. I understand the effort you have invested in your project. I have a facility in interpreting ideas and scientific information that I transform into memorable visuals.

People like you dedicate their entire lives to pioneering science. All that effort is insignificant if it is not shared.

I dedicate my whole life to illustration and design, our efforts complement each other.
Want to work together?