A creative creature, that works on illustrations and infographics for science visualization, to help professionals in the sector to promote and differentiate their projects.


Species: Homo sapiens sapiens

Habitat: Barcelona, Spain.

Regular migrations to the North of Portugal seeking family hugs and the Atlantic breeze.

Always ready to get involved in commissions or projects that put her imagination and her hand to the test.

I became aware of how important images are to bring science to everyone, to inspire, explain, educate, care, preserve …

To do this, I draw with the guidance of researchers, educators and doctors, taking advantage of my inexhaustible patience to observe and draw every detail, using creativity and objectivity together, as the fundamental basis of my work.

— how I got here —

I decided to explore my creative spirit by taking a Bachelor degree of Design at the University of Aveiro, which has a transversal approach, integrating graphic, product and strategic design.

My path takes me to Barcelona, practicing professionally as a senior graphic designer for more than 10 years. I fell in love with the city and with all the cultures and creativity that intersect here, from all over the world.

Restless and trying to include illustration in many of my projects, I decided to refine my skills by taking several courses in advanced techniques.

A great curiosity to know the unique beings that inhabit the natural world as well as discover how wonderful and complex the human body is, led me to specialize in scientific illustration.

Today, as a freelance professional illustrator, I develop infographic projects and scientific illustration of biology and biomedicine for companies and individuals.
I also collaborate with entities and agencies such as Homograma, Illustraciencia, MCNG, Pati Nuñez Associats

I collaborate with several leading publishers, with didactic illustrations, for publications in different areas of science, with the desire to inspire children and adults alike.

— what I do —



for children

& Diagrams



· Scientific articles · Publications and magazines · Cover Artwork ·
· Children’s books · Books and projects for scientific communication ·

— lectures —


CEBIO 2020 – Congreso Estudiantil de Biologia
Taller de Ilustración Científica
Universidad de Sonora, México.

On November 13, 2020, I had the pleasure of teaching Biology students the online workshop on Scientific Illustration at the digital CEBIO 2020 of the University of Sonora. Currently, one of the largest Biology events in Northwest Mexico.

— awards —


Highly Commended
World Illustration Awards 2019 (AOI)

The illustration “How to make a pessimist…or not.” is shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2019 of the Association of Illustrators in London (AOI), and is finally selected as “Highly Commended” as a New Talent in the research category.

— testimonials —

My experience as a client of Isa was impeccable, in addition to doing a scientific illustration, she worked with me as a workshop leader in a Biology congress that I chaired. In both situations she was always very friendly, always accessible to answer questions or unforeseen situations. Furthermore, her work and her talent are flawless; her drawing arrived in top condition and with a very unique and creative presentation. Isa is a very professional and attentive person in strengthening the client-artist bond.

Olimpia Ortega

Biology student

Working with Isa makes the difficult part easy. During the creation of the illustrated book in which we worked, she managed to transform technical concepts into scientific illustrations that maintained rigor and were visually very attractive. Also, her work is full of detail and I think the book would not have reached the level it has without an illustrator like her. That is why I hope to be able to repeat and that we continue working together for many years.

Pablo José Barrecheguren Manero PhD

PhD in Biomedicine and Science Communicator

Isa is a person with that easily captures knowledge, with the most correct attitude to carry out a project, worrying about every detail without losing sight of what she wants to achieve. To Isa, as a client, I would entrust the execution of an important project for me and as a coworker the pleasure of co-creating that project from the beginning to the end, for her involvement, discipline, good reception of feedback and willingness to give it all.

Giselle Vitali

CEO Homograma

— education —