Brain aneurysm, treatments and symptoms.

Winning project of the Junceda 2021 Prize in the category of Scientific Illustration
The Junceda Awards are organized each year by APIC Associació Professional d’Il·lustradors de Catalunya.


Customer needs:

Make an infographic that includes in a single image: the graphic representation of the most common types of brain aneurysm (saccular and fusiform), a list of risk factors, symptoms and a graphic representation of the two most used types of treatments (Micro-surgical treatment with clip and endovascular treatment with coils). A large infographic is required to be printed in poster format for placement in the consulting room. This infographic will be used by the doctor to explain this condition to patients.

The solution:

Understanding the type of audience for this infographic was key to deciding the elements, composition, color palettes and illustration style, in order to communicate the message effectively.

Accompanying this central illustration, are included four zoom images, representing the types of aneurysms and types of treatments on a much larger scale, where details of the forms and instruments can be seen.

The rest of the information is found around these illustrations in the form of short texts and lists.

In this infographic the patient will find all the basic information about the problem that affects him and will have a better understanding of the treatment to which he will be subjected.

This poster was made as a final project for the Illustraciencia Academy’s “Ilustra Dissecciones” course, taught by the talented illustrator Giselle Vitali, and reviewed by the anatomist Daniel Casanova.




Isa Loureiro 2020