Centenary of Juventud Publishing House

Commemorative illustration of the centenary of Juventud Publishing House.

Turning 100 successful years is something that not everyone can boast of. It is a true privilege and an honor to be able to be part of this special celebration, illustrating the cover of the 2023 catalog of a publisher that has dedicated several generations to children’s and young people’s literature in Catalan and Spanish, with enthusiasm and commitment.

This cover is dedicated to all those who have made it possible. I have lovingly portrayed the entire team that is daily busy in the offices and the warehouse, but they are not alone in this adventure: this illustration is also dedicated to the authors, sales people, distributors, printers, carriers, booksellers and (without them nothing would be possible) to the readers… a big family that unites their effort to their passion for books that fill our hearts and open our minds.

On the inside pages you can see the original sketch, how this illustration started. It represents a section of the office/warehouse, where we can find in different rooms each team member dedicated to their daily tasks, accompanied by personal belongings and many, many books. Without forgetting the view of Comte Borrell Street, where the commercials cross paths or the production manager and the billing manager have their morning coffee.

I find myself in the meeting room, reviewing a book with the proofreader and editor. A team that has bet on me and has given me my first opportunity to illustrate and publish a book. They are like my second family and I will be eternally grateful for all their support in my journey of illustrating science, to inspire children and adults alike.

Per molts anys!!!
Por muchos años más!
Here’s to many more years!




Editorial Juventud


Isa Loureiro 2022