El Cuenco de Viri

Submerged in the living silence of nature, Viri feels the joy of each new day … and in deep meditation he finds his place in the forest.

Viri is a Zen monk, in the form of a white ferret who feels admiration in everything that surrounds him. He likes so much to sleep and eat delicious things that he is convinced that these are also forms of meditation.

One day, Viri loses his only possession, his precious bowl, and discovers that in simplicity and generosity there is a new way of facing life.

“El Cuenco de Viri” is a children’s book, with the texts and poem by Abraham de la Rosa, inspired by a Zen story and also by a real character, Viriato, our little ferret who entered the heart of all those who met him with his love and curiosity. A story that is looking for a publisher that wants to give it a shape and new book smell.

A very simple story, but poetic and profound … like an haiku.




Isa Loureiro 2018