Baskets from the Food & Art collection

Food & Art, from the company Colmado Singular *, is a collection of baskets of different sizes decorated with illustrations by various artists, filled with products such as rice, pasta, tomato, canned vegetables, fish, legumes … all with a common denominator: maximum quality.

For this basket I have created a pattern with the scientific illustrations of a mackerel and a sardine (two of our favorite canned goods), with their scientific names. The illustration is done with the stippling technique. Both drawn in natural size.

After enjoying all the products that we find inside, we are left with a collection box, decorated by an artist that we love. It is a true honor to be able to see my work among the artists that I admire, such as Pati Nuñez, Brosmind, Pilarin Bayés, María Corte, Òscar Julve, Didier Lourenço, Jess-Lea Wilson, Vega Hernando, Enric Rovira, Perico Pastor, Joan Pujol-Creus and Rubèn Tresseras…

They are the perfect gift to offer to yourself, to some Foodie family member or a Gourmet friend…


Digital, stippling


Isa Loureiro 2021