Hernioplasty: Reverse E-TEP RS

Illustrations of key steps in the down-to-up approach in E-TEP Rives Stoppa repair for multiple midline primary hernia.

These illustrations, commissioned by Dr. Cesar Ginesta, from the Bilio-Pancreatic Surgery Unit of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, serve to clearly and immediately explain, to other medical and health professionals, the procedure of this new technique presented in June from 2023 on EAES – European Association for Endoscopic Surgery.

To better understand the procedure, the illustrations are accompanied by a small diagram of the patient indicating the point of view and the section represented: we see the preperitoneal space and the space created between the posterior aponeurosis and the rectus muscles when cutting the aponeurosis trough the arch of Douglas. The complete diagram indicates, in turn, the correct position of the patient on the operating table, typical for this type of intervention.

Medical illustration is a valuable research tool. Thanks to these illustrations, medical professionals can share their knowledge and procedures in a clear and effective way, while maintaining the privacy of patients and the dignity of the human body, providing visually striking and precise graphic pieces.




Dr. Cesar Ginesta - Hospital Clinic Barcelona


Isa Loureiro 2023