Informative illustrations for the Patient Experience Program of the Josep Carreras Foundation against Leukemia

How to explain complex topics such as leukemia and its treatments to a child and their family, in a clear, precise and friendly way? This was the challenge to make these illustrations to accompany the patients of the Josep Carreras Foundation against Leukemia, with the aim of turning medical information into a journey of hope for the heroes who fight against this disease, children and adults.

Empowering images:

These are images that, in addition to explaining complex medical procedures, aim to convey a message of strength and hope. The characters are illustrated in a casual style, more friendly and closer to the family audience, they have a calm and positive attitude and make the information attractive and easy to understand for everyone. Illustrations not only convey information, but also generate emotions. They are a powerful tool to create empathy, reduce anxiety and fear, and provide a message of support.

This project is not only about beautiful illustrations, but a valuable tool for education and support of patients and their families. The illustrations have been integrated into the renewed website of the Josep Carreras Foundation to accompany the texts that explain all the steps of leukemia treatments. In addition, all the illustrations maintain the same graphic style and are specially designed to reflect the corporate identity of the Foundation through the color palette and the figures in the backgrounds.

Scientific rigor without losing the magic:

Behind each illustration there is research and documentation work, supported by the Foundation’s expert team. I ensured that details and scientific content were accurate and up-to-date, without losing sight of the need to create an attractive and easy-to-understand image. Topics related to the disease, symptoms and treatments are explained, such as: the immune system, hematopoiesis, chemotherapy treatment, new gene therapies, lumbar puncture, marrow aspiration, allogeneic bone marrow transplant…

Collaborating with the Josep Carreras Foundation has been an enriching experience and I have had the knowledge and constant support of Alexandra Carpentier from the Patient Experience Program. I am proud to have been able to bring my medical scientific illustration skills to help those facing this battle.

Do you dare to explore the world of scientific illustration? It is a field full of possibilities and with great potential to improve people’s lives.

“Isa is not only a magnificent illustrator but also a fast, effective, efficient, kind and decisive professional. A pleasure to have worked with her from the Josep Carreras Foundation against Leukemia. It’s our first project with her but it certainly won’t be the last.”

Alexandra Carpentier de Changy
Patient Experience Program Manager





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