IV Conference: The Light of Science

Design and illustration of the poster for the conference on “Scientific Thought and Gender” organized by Diputación da Coruña.

A woman scientist who opens the way, opens a book, opens the doors to scientific knowledge for current generations of young people, opens the debate on gender equality in the professional scientific world.

These three days of conferences have taken place in the Pazo de Mariñán and also in the National Museum of Science and Technology.

Representatives from the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation, the “Galician Network for Research” and representatives of science communication have participated in them.

The different talks reflected on the data on the current state of the gender gap in science, on legislation, initiatives, projects and communication to create STEM scientific vocations among girls and open new paths to reach managerial positions in science, equally.

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Diputación da Coruña


Isa Loureiro 2022