Illustration for the cover of the scientific journal Nature Cancer: “Transmissible marine cancer evolution”

Illustration on the cover of the November 2023 issue of the prestigious scientific journal Nature Cancer representing the research and fantastic work of Mobile Genomes group on transmissible marine leukemias in the common cockle Cerastoderma edule.

Very grateful to the entire team that trusted in my hand to give life and color to their scientific research, a synergy between Art and Science that brings human knowledge to the entire public.

For this illustration I was inspired by the work of Ernst Haeckel, which I admire. I have used a negative stippling technique to represent the cockles on a turquoise blue background with details from the computer graphics used in the study of the genomes of these animals.

To achieve this illustration I have had the collaboration of the research team who provided reference material and explained to me the most important axes of their work. After exchanging many ideas and sketches, we have arrived at this composition that reflects all these aspects in a visually captivating way that ended up being selected for the cover of the magazine and allowed this research to stand out and reach many professionals in the scientific community.




Isa Loureiro 2023