Periorbital rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid fillers

As we age, the superficial fat layer of the face diminishes and retracts, leaving some depressions visible in our facial expression, such as pronounced dark circles. Many people decide to undergo a cosmetic rejuvenation treatment, to eliminate these furrows and feel more comfortable with their appearance.

One of the most used treatments is the filling with hyaluronic acid injections.

In the case of an aesthetic change, one of the main concerns of the client is to understand exactly what this treatment consists of, how and with what it is carried out and to visualize in a realistic way what the final result will be.

The doctor needs a supporting image, to clearly explain this treatment, offering the client a very clear visual reference of the procedure to be submitted and its final result.


In the rejuvenation of dark circles with hyaluronic acid fillers, the physical change is subtle but considerable, that is why it is important to have a before and after image side by side, so that the client can confirm the positive result of this intervention.

In addition to this comparison, there is an added value in the images that we have created: each one of them explains, with the use of transparencies, different concepts of this treatment.

In the images that represent the previous state you can see:

1) The reduction of superficial facial fat areas, in which area the injection of hyaluronic acid will intervene, using a 22G blunt tip cannula, and the fan that the cannula can reach from a single point of entry.

2) The depth to which the cannula is inserted: below the muscle layer to avoid visible lumps and obtain a uniform result, avoiding damage to the vascular and nervous systems thanks to the blunt tip and flexibility of the cannula.

In the last image, which represents the final result, you can see how the hyaluronic acid fills the gap created between the two areas of muscle fat, correcting the dark circles.

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