Cover for PhD thesis in Biomedicine

Congratulations to Cristina Ros for finishing her doctoral thesis, with the title “Mechanisms of regulation of the Start repressor Whi7”, within the Doctoral Program in Biomedicine and Biotechnology of the University of Valencia, and for which I have developed the cover illustration. This illustration is dedicated to the cell division of yeast, in which the Whi7 molecule is inserted to stop the division in the Start phase.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Cristina on this project, where I have enjoyed drawing such interesting cells with a technique that I love, stippling.

In addition to the cover, we have used the same elements of the illustration to create bookmarks (as a souvenir for those attending the thesis defense) and also for the presentation slides, such as: the first slide, the headers and the chapter dividers.

What Cristina Ros has to say about our collaboration:

“I met Isa through her work published on social media and I was really impressed. Trusting Isa to design my doctoral thesis cover has been the best decision I could have made. This is an important step since it is a big accomplishment in life and the cover is the first thing you see of the book. Furthermore, Isa is sweet and kind in her treatment, interpreting my ideas based on a few notions. In that sense, Isa has managed to perfectly capture the topic of my research, focusing on the key ideas to be able to have a general vision of it. One of the things I value most about her work is that he achieves a professional and rigorous result with an artistic touch that makes the final work unique, attractive and elegant. I will certainly count on her work for future publications.”




Cristina Ros


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