Synovial sheaths of the back of the left hand.

Medical scientific illustration of a dissection.

The challenge:

Create an anatomical illustration from a photograph of a dissection of the back of the hand, explaining the arrangement of the synovial sheaths and their relationship with the extensor tendons and the retinaculum, labeling the various anatomical structures.

This infographic was the result of a practical exercise of an Online Workshop of the Academia Illustraciencia on Co-creation in Medical Illustration, given by the illustrator Giselle Vitali and the anatomist Daniel Casanova. Hypothetically, this illustration would be included in a publication for undergraduate and graduate students and must therefore be very precise and clear.

“Research and observation skills are undoubtedly important to create the illustration, but collaborative work between the illustrator and anatomist is essential, allowing the creation of a clear and above all correct infographic so that future students can understand anatomical structures without errors.”




Isa Loureiro 2020