Small mammal skulls

Illustrations with the stippling technique of the skulls and jaws of 40 species of small mammals.

These illustrations were published in the Guide “Small mammal skulls. Introduction to Iberian, Balearic and Canary species” created by Víctor J. Hernandez, for Tundra Ediciones.

It is an introductory pocket guide to the recognition of the skulls of small mammals and lagomorphs of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. With identification plates of the skulls and jaws of all species of rodents, insectivores and lagomorphs of our fauna. It includes sections on identification, where to look for these remains, how to collect the information and how to preserve them.


Digital, stippling


Tundra Ediciones


Isa Loureiro 2021