The Human Brain explained by Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Discover how the human brain works with the help of Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Nobel Prize winner and father of modern Neuroscience!

There are so many cells in your brain that it would take millennia to count them all, and each one is full of mysteries. Our millions of neurons are constantly sending information while other cells, secret and unknown, cooperate with them and protect them from the shadows so that you are able to breathe, think, feel, learn, dance …,

And some people can even do amazing things like see music in color! And all of that thanks to the brain!

Join us on this journey and together with Dr. Ramón y Cajal and other great neuroscientists, such as Rita Levi-Montalcini, you will learn fascinating things about your brain!

Published by Editorial Juventud, this is a book that covers essential issues of our brain, from its functioning to neuronal plasticity or if we are as big headed as we think we are…

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