What our heart looks like from the inside

Scientific illustration is one of the most important means to transmit our knowledge to the little ones. A very special audience, because they are in an important phase of learning and personal growth and also because the future of our planet will be in their hands and they will soon take the reins of knowledge and scientific research.

In scientific communication aimed at the young public, we find three fundamental requirements:

1) Scientific Rigor! As in any scientific illustration, we want to transmit knowledge and rigorous data, so it is not enough to make beautiful illustrations, but it is necessary that these contents are true and reviewed by an expert. Children are one of the most demanding audiences (they don’t forgive easily!) and are attentive when it comes to finding mistakes in their favorite science books.

2) Empathy! We must respect the audience and connect with their way of thinking and understanding the world. It is necessary to simplify the most complex contents to an accessible, close and empathetic discourse, specially adapted to the different demographic groups.

3) Emotion! Lastly, and in my opinion the most fun part of the process, is the search for different means to capture the interest of the children, transforming this into intellectual and emotional learning at the same time. We can achieve this through strategies such as narrative, the creation of interesting characters with whom they can connect, using humor, games, experiments, challenges… these and many other tricks that grab attention, make you fall in love with science and give desire to investigate more and ask more questions…

In this illustration the human heart is represented, whole and in section. With the veins, arteries, vena cava, aorta and ventricles duly identified by color. Red blood cells are transformed into small characters that, as they pass through the heart, are represented with the same color code, depending on whether they are part of venous blood or arterial blood.




Isa Loureiro 2023