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Illustration and design are vehicles of knowledge. An unbeatable resource to document, study, explain and bring science closer to all types of audiences.

As a specialized designer and illustrator, I can help you create pieces for communicating science, beautiful and rigorous at the same time.

Natural History Illustration

Illustrations of the natural world that help communicate, study, protect and conserve. Zoology, Botany, Entomology, Veterinary…

Anatomy and biomedical illustration

Share your research or technique. Communicate with your patients. Illustration of anatomy, neuroscience, pathologies, treatments…

Children Illustration

Illustrations and editorial projects for scientific communication aimed at families and children.

Infographics and diagrams

Visual representation of complex information or large amounts of data.

Graphic design

Corporate image, layout of presentations or editorial projects and preparation of Final Artwork for different media.

Workshops and clases

Talks, workshops and courses, face-to-face or online, on scientific illustration and illustration techniques. Aimed to different levels of expertise.

Know the opinion of some people who have collaborated with me in scientific communication projects:

Isa is not only a magnificent illustrator but also a fast, effective, efficient, friendly and decisive professional. A pleasure to have worked with her from the Josep Carreras Foundation against Leukemia. It’s our first job with her but I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Alexandra Carpentier
Head of the Patient Experience Program at the Josep Carreras Foundation

With Isa’s illustrations you get people to understand what you want to explain. What else can I say… Well, it is also very easy to work with her because of her great predisposition. We can tell that she loves what she does and that’s great!!

Dr. Cesar Ginesta
Bilio-Pancreatic Surgery Unit Hospital Clinic

Isabel illustrated my text The Transparent Organ, on the immune system, which is a particularly difficult subject to capture in images. Everyone who has read the book has praised the illustrations without exception. Working with Isa has been a delight in terms of ease of communication, meeting deadlines and, above all, the results.

Dr. Ricardo Cubedo
Medical Oncology Specialist

Working with Isa makes the difficult part easy. During the creation of the illustrated book in which we worked, she managed to transform technical concepts into scientific illustrations that maintained rigor and were visually very attractive. Also, her work is full of detail and I think the book would not have reached the level it has without an illustrator like her. That is why I hope to be able to repeat and that we continue working together for many years.

Dr. Pablo Barrecheguren
PhD in Biomedicine and Scientific Communicator

My experience as a client of Isa was impeccable, in addition to doing a scientific illustration, she worked with me as a workshop leader in a Biology congress that I chaired. In both situations she was always very friendly, always accessible to answer questions or unforeseen situations. Furthermore, her work and her talent are flawless; her drawing arrived in top condition and with a very unique and creative presentation. Isa is a very professional and attentive person in strengthening the client-artist bond.

Olimpia Ortega
Biology student

I draw with the guidance of educators, researchers and doctors… together we form a team where we complement each other, contributing our skills to create communication projects where aesthetic value is combined with rigorous scientific content.

Creative process

It is the process of creating a unique and personalized illustration for you, planned with a strategy adapted to your goals, so your audience falls in love with your project and make it stand out from the rest.

1. briefing

We will talk about what you want to communicate and to whom, in what media or formats will it be published and what are the dates you contemplate for this project. With this information, I will be able to recommend the best visual solution and we will agree on a budget.

2. investigation

I will do an investigation to know in more detail the topics we want to communicate. You will be able to guide me through the first steps by recommending a particular bibliography, your own reference material, images, publications or links of interest… We will be in contact if you have any questions or if I need more material.

3. sketches

I prepare the first sketches and ideas taking into account our briefing. We will comment on them and refine them until we reach a final line drawing. It is very important that you can review this drawing and confirm if the scientific content is correct, or if it needs corrections.

4. illustration and design

Here the project comes to life. It is time to apply the final color and textures, with texts and all the details. We will be in contact in case any questions arise, and so that you can review the illustration before it is finished.

5. Final Artwork

I count on you to make a final review of the final work and make sure everything is correct. Once this is done, I prepare the Final Artwork and I will send it to you so that you can publish and make use of your new illustration.