I am a drawing creature, dedicated to the visualization of science, with the desire to inspire children and adults alike.


I am a creative creature who studied Design at the University of Aveiro and traveled to Barcelona to continue my professional path, practicing in design and architecture studios as a senior graphic designer for more than 10 years…, I make regular migrations to the North from Portugal in search of the family’s hugs and the Atlantic breeze.

Trying to turn the tide in the direction of my passion, illustration, I decided to refine my skills. On this path I discover beauty in the bizarre beings of the natural world as well as in the intricacies of the human body, and a real pleasure in drawing them. Which leads me to specialize in scientific illustration (Illustraciencia Academy, among others) and thereby contribute to the communication of human knowledge.

I take advantage of my inexhaustible patience to observe and draw what is complex, using objectivity as the fundamental basis of my work. In 2021 I received the Junceda award in the category of Scientific Illustration.

Today I work as an independent professional designer and illustrator, always willing to get involved in projects or commissions that put my imagination and my hand to the test.

– awards –

Informative Book Award
Award for “The best books for children and young people” from Banco del Libro (IBBY) Venezuela.
Scientific Illustration Award
XIX Edition Premis Junceda: Award in the Category of Scientific Illustration
Highly Commended
“Highly Commended” for New Talent in the Research category. World Illustration Awards (AOI)

I like sharing
all I know –

It is a great pleasure to talk about this Art that I am passionate about, Scientific Illustration, and also to share all my tricks and techniques.

Learn about the courses and workshops that I carry out in different centers and academies, adapted to different types of audience and levels, face-to-face or online.

If you have an idea to organize a talk or workshop, do not hesitate to contact me.